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Director's Report 2018
The 2018 Director's Report highlights the celebration of many achievements across NPSC from the 2017-2018 school year.
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Parent Series Keynote - Raising Responsible and Resilient Children
Join us on April 24 for a free information session: "Raising Responsible and Resilient Children". Join parenting expert and family counsellor, Alyson Schafer, for a fun and informative talk on the “how to’s” for raising children who are responsible and resilient.
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SJSH Student Receives "Great Student Award"
Congratulations to Samantha McKinley who received the Rotary Club of North Bay's 19th Annual "Great Student Award" on February 11, representing St.Joseph Scollard Hall!
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Support Catholic Education

Catholic education has been an integral part of Ontario’s history for more than 160 years. As a vital component of the province’s publicly funded education system, Catholic schools educate nearly 600,000 students each year. Learn more about supporting Catholic Education here.

The Ontario Catholic School Trustee Association (OCSTA) has launched a campaign to strengthen the support for Catholic Education in Ontario, called Together in Faith. NPSC invites you to learn more about this campaign at and consider signing your name to show your support.


Student Opportunities

St. Joseph-Scollard Hall now offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Learn more about the benefits of AP including the opportunity to earn a University credit. Contact for more information.

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