Remembrance Day Message

Remembrance Day At NPSC

Each year NPSC schools and our community support our students in remembering the men and women who have sacrificed for our country and honour those who continue to serve today. Our students and staff have planned a variety of educational activities, virtual prayer services and remembrance ceremonies to mark the day and month of remembrance. These activities have been planned to inspire our students and Catholic communities through our faith, to reflect on the freedoms and peace we have and to remember the Canadians who served and sacrificed for all we have today. 

On behalf of the board of trustees and senior administration, thank you to our staff and students who have worked very hard to prepare these beautiful and moving ceremonies and learning activities

Let us pray for those who have and continue to serve our beautiful Country!


Leo de Jourdan                                                               Anna Marie Bitonti

Chair                                                                            Director of Education

Student Artwork:

OLF Kindergarten
Virtual School Stacey Walsh

Virtual School Stacey Walsh

Virtual School Stacey Walsh

St Victor