19th Annual Carousel Evening

19th Annual Carousel Evening - May 22
Posted on 04/24/2019
The 19th Annual Carousel Evening "Building Bridges" is happening at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall on Wednesday, May 22.  Join us for an evening of workshops, a keynote address and much more!  All community members are welcome! Register here: http://bit.ly/Carousel2019

The keynote address entitled "Possibilities: Solving Relationship Problems and Building Bridges" is presented by Trish Tessier and Lori Schlueting.  Everyone has had times where it's been difficult to look past the storm to see the rainbow.  Join us to explore foundational skills to build relationships and solve problems in a positive way with your child, teen, spouse, friends or colleagues.


Making Minds More Resilient: Although there are many well-established pathways to improved mental health and resilience (e.g., exercise, good sleep) one important but often underutilized pathway is the intentional self-directed management of one’s own behaviour, thoughts, and emotions.  This workshop will introduce participants to 10 powerful psychological techniques that can help individuals become more resilient by becoming less “driven” by their thoughts and emotions and more “in charge”.  Parents, teachers, and students who develop habits of using these skills alone and together will improve their ability to be more flexible and effective in daily living and stressful situations.  
- Dr. Joe Persi, Psychologist, North Bay Regional Health Centre

Meditation For Our Children: Meditation is a practice that can be considered many things, including: a skill, a reflection, a prayer.  We are increasingly understanding the need and importance of bringing intentional moments of calmness, stillness, and quiet into our daily lives.  Join us to learn the benefits of meditation, engage in a variety of meditative experiences and how you can provide similar opportunities for you and your children at home.  Comfortable clothing is encouraged.
- Eileen Berwick, Experiential Learning Special Assignment Teacher, NPSCDSB and Rebecca Fichault, DECE, NPSCDSB

Tools for Life: We will be examining The Tools for Life Home START program focusing on chapter five - Calming Down. To support these ideas, parents will create items for their own personal home kit. We will guide parents in coaching their child(ren) to understand what tools they can use to calm their bodies and regulate their emotions. Each parent will receive a kit (valued at $100). Participants will gain tools and skills that will strengthen resilience, build confidence, and build strong relationships. A maximum of 20 registrants will be accepted for this workshop.
- Lori Schlueting, Vice-Principal, NPSCDSB; Susan Shopoff, Retired Learning Assistance Center Teacher, NPSCDSB; and Corinne Sommerville, Educational Assistant, NPSCDB

Personal Well-being: This workshop will introduce easy, simple practices that you can put into play everyday to increase your physical and mental well being.  Nutrition 101 to help you make better food choices!
- Trista Bernier: trisFIT Private Training, trisFIT Indoor Cycling, trisFIT Nutrition

Inspiring Health and Relaxation Through Yoga: Join this fantastic hour of movement that aims to detangle the stresses of everyday life. Together we will explore fun ways to create movement that inspires health and relaxation. No experience is necessary! Arrive in comfortable clothing and get ready to have some fun!
- Krystal Henophy, Grounded Studios Co-owner 

Register here: http://bit.ly/Carousel2019