Secondary School French Immersion

Our objective is to ensure that students, who have followed an Early Immersion Program (K - 8) or who have come from a French language school, will be able to choose up to 12 credits in French language courses and a variety of courses taught in French by the end of their secondary school studies.

The grade 9 immersion program is part of the Transition Years continuum consisting of Grades 7, 8, and 9 where 50% of the instruction is in French and 50% in English. Thus, the four courses in the grade 9 immersion program form one package that immersion students must include in their personal program in grade 9. The subjects are French Immersion (FIF 1DC), Religious Studies (HRE 1OF), Computer Applications (BTT 1OF), Health and Physical Education (PPL 10F) and Geography (CGC 1DF), Visual Arts (AVI 1OF).

Cultural Opportunities

The French Immersion program also recognizes the value of providing students with relevant, authentic learning opportunities where they can use and practice their second language communication skills. It is for this reason that the French department aims to organize a French trip each year where students travel to a Francophone community (i.e., Quebec City, Montreal, Maritimes etc.) where they are immersed in a French environment and engage in a variety of French activities.

Secondary School French Immersion Program Info

The Immersion Certificate

An Immersion Certificate will be issued to those students who will have successfully completed the sequence of four courses in French immersion language courses and a minimum of six courses in other subjects taught in French.

Immersion Courses

Secondary French Immersion courses listed by grade.