Special Education Advisory Committee

Regulation 464/97 under the Education Act requires each school board in Ontario to establish a Special Education Advisory Committee which is composed of trustees, members from local associations and local agencies.

"Local association" means an association or organization of parents that operate locally within the area of jurisdiction of a board and that is affiliated with an association or organization that is not an association of professional educators but that is incorporate and operated throughout Ontario to further the interests and well-being of one or more groups of exceptional children or adults.

This standing committee's major functions are to advise the Board regarding any special education matter and make recommendations concerning the needs of exceptional pupils in the Board's jurisdiction.

SEAC members are appointed by the board for the term of office of the Board. Members represent the following associations:

SEAC Members
Community Living North Bay Darlene Brooks
(Chair of SEAC)

Learning Disabilities Association of NB

Marie Derosier
(Vice-Chair of SEAC)

Nipissing First Nation

 Tracy Hanzlik
Nipissing Down Syndrome Society Jeannie Boissonneault
Parent Representative Kelli Van Buskirk
Parent Representative Dr. Mary Grise
Children's Aid Society Shannon Lachance
Trustee Barbara McCool
Trustee George Whittet
Trustee Linda Jamieson
Trustee John Willemsen
Special Education Coordinator Theresa Bitonti
Secondary Special Education Department Head Jennifer Palangio
Principal, Secondary Derek Belanger
Superintendent of Education Paula Mann

SEAC Meetings

April N/A
May N/A N/A
June N/A N/A