Grade 9 Learning Strategies 2017

The Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board is pleased to offer an after school Grade 9 Learning Strategies course to students currently enrolled in Grade 8. Students successfully completing the course will receive one credit towards their Secondary School Graduation Diploma.

An important goal of this course is to increase students’ confidence, motivation and ability to learn and is ideal for students currently experiencing academic challenges. It explores learning strategies and helps students become better, more independent learners while increasing their personal management skills, both in school and in other contexts. Students will learn how to develop and apply a range of strategies to improve their learning, particularly their communication and planning skills.

The course will begin on Tuesday, February 23, 2017 and end on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Classes will be held at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (5:00pm–7:00pm) as well as three Saturday sessions (9:30am–12:00pm).

To register your child, please complete the online registration form by clicking here.
Please read the Student and Parent/Guardian Information section carefully as the attendance requirement for this program is an important consideration when registering your child. Registrants will be contacted prior to the commencement of the course.

Offering this course requires a minimum enrollment. The Board reserves the right to cancel any course that does not meet this requirement. Transportation to and from the course will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian. For more information about the course, please contact Joe Bitonti, Student Success Lead, at 705-472-1201, extension 2234.

2017 Course Dates

Continuing Education Office: 705-472-7771 to report absences.

Week #DateTime
1 February 23 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
2 February 28 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
March 2
3 March 7 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
March 9
4 March Break - No Classes
5 March 21 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
March 23
March 25 (Sat.) 9:30a.m.–12:00p.m.
6 March 28 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
March 30
7 April 4 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
April 6
April 8 (Sat.) 9:30a.m.–12:00p.m.
8 April 11 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
April 13
9 April 18 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
April 20
10 April 25 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
April 27
April 29 (Sat.) 9:30a.m.–12:00p.m.
11 May 2 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
May 4
12 May 9 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
May 11
13 May 16 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
May 18
14 May 23 5:00p.m.–7:00p.m.
May 25

Student and Parent/Guardian Information

Attendance: Regular attendance is crucial in order to achieve success. Students are expected to be punctual and attend every class. Students risk being withdrawn from the program if three (3) absences are accumulated or if excessive lates accumulate. Two (2) significant lates will be treated as one (1) absence. Please see enclosed list of class dates.

Behaviour: Students must be respectful of their teachers, fellow classmates and all other support staff on site at the secondary school. Students who cannot fulfill these expectations will be withdrawn from the course.

Support: Students planning to enrol must be aware that there are no special education resource teachers available to assist with program modification. Every effort will be made by the classroom teacher to support and enhance the learning of each student.

Reporting to Parents: Students will receive a mid-term and final report card.